Jury ’17

The Competition Jury will be comprised of nationally and internationally recognized performers and teachers. Any member of the jury who is related to a competitor, or has had (institutionally or privately) any sort of teaching contact with a competitor, with or without reimbursement for the tuition provided, and regardless of the number of lessons given, cannot score, mark, or rank that particular competitor. The Jury reserves the right to stop a performance if the competitor exceeds the prescribed duration.

Each competitor will be allowed to communicate with the members of the Jury once the Competition has reached its conclusion. The Jury’s decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.

Jury Memebers of Ninth Anton Eberst Competition are:

(in alphabetical order)

  • Sava Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
  • Tadej Kenig (Slovenia)
  • Luigi Magistrelli (Italy)
  • Đuro Pete (Serbia)
  • Davor Reba (Croatia)
  • Yves Sévère (France)
  • Nikola Srdić (Serbia)

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