Jury ’10

The Competition Jury will be comprised of nationally and internationally recognized performers and teachers. Any member of the jury who is related to a competitor, or has had (institutionally or privately) any sort of teaching contact with a competitor, with or without reimbursement for the tuition provided, and regardless of the number of lessons given, cannot score, mark, or rank that particular competitor. The Jury reserves the right to stop a performance if the competitor exceeds the prescribed duration.

Each competitor will be allowed to communicate with the members of the Jury once the Competition has reached its conclusion. The Jury’s decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.

Jury members for the 3rd Competition “Anton Eberst” (in alphabetical order):


He was a graduate of the Conservatoire Regional de Lille and the Conservatoire National superieur de Paris where he was rewarded in 1970.with the 1st prize for clarinet and in 1071.he won the 1st prize for chamber music.


  • 3rd prize at the international contest in Munich in 1978
  • 1st prize at the international chamber music competition, Paris 1983
  • 1st prize at the international music contest of 20th century, Paris 1984


  • Republican guard orchestra 1972 / 73.
  • “Pasdeloup” orchestra 1974 / 75.
  • Radio France “ Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique-solo clarinet  1976.
  • “ MITO “ Orchestra ( Japan ), conductor S. Ozava since 2002.
  • “ National de Lille” orchestra since 1978

Teaching work:

  • Professor at the Conservatoire d’ Arras 1973 / 75.
  • Professor at the Conservatoire Tourcoing 1975 / 1992.
  • Professor at the Conservatoire Lille 1988 / 2006.
  • Professor at the Conservatoire Roubaix since 1992.

Congresses and the Masterclass:

  • International clarinet congress, Cincinnati (USA) 1992.
  • International clarinet festival Stockholm 2002.
  • International clarinet festival Tokyo 2005
  • The  Masterclass  in Japan, Russia ,The USA, The South and The Central America, Finland, Norway ,Denmark , Greece , etc.

He performed at the Festivals:

  • Sintra festival ( Portugal ) 1985.
  • Prokofiev festival, Paris ( Rostropovich ), 1986.
  • International festival Cervantino, Mexico, 1987.
  • Pablo Casals festival, Prades, 1999.
  • International festival d’Hamamatsu, Japan, 1994.

Except solo career, he performs chamber music, as well Duo Raes-Faucomprez since 1978., “ Nielsen” brass quintet since 1987.

He recorded for many famous discography houses.

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Vasil Gelev was born in 1948. in Dimitrovgrad.

He completed music high school “ Stankovic” in Belgrade, as well as the Music Academy and M.A. degree in the class of the professor Bruno Brun.

From 1970 till 2000. he was the first clarinet-soloist in Belgrade Philharmonic. During these years he was holding solo concerts, chamber music concerts and played as a soloist with all symphony orchestras of former Yugoslavia.

After he had completed his performing career in Belgrade Philharmonic, he got the job as an associate professor of the Art Academy in Novi Sad lectirin Es clarinet and Bass clarinet, as well as Orchestral Studies.

He has been successfully running the following ensembles: Clarinet choir , saxophone quartet.

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Joze Kotar is principal clarinet with the Slovene Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and associate professor at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. He began playing the clarinet in his home-town, Trbovlje, under the teaching of Ervin Plevnik. He then continued his studies in Ljubljana under Prof. Alojz Zupan, and in 1992 completed his postgraduate studies at the Academy of Music. In numerous competitions at home and abroad he has won nine first prizes, and has also been granted the Academy and the University Prešeren Award. In his guest appearances abroad he represented (former) Yugoslavia in 1988 at the competition “Europäischer Preis” in Zürich, and was also principal clarinet with the Mediterranean Orchestra and the Alpe-Adria Orchestra.

As a soloist and as a member of chamber ensembles he has performed in Slovenia, (former) Yugoslavia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and USA. In the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra he has performed under many well-known conductors, including Carlos Kleiber. Last year his first CD with The Slovene Philharmonic String Quartet was published by ZKP RTV Slovenia. He is also a member of the ARIART Woodwind Quintet – which in 1998 issued its first CD for the recording service of RTV Slovenia – a member of the Slovene clarinet quartet and founder of Slovenian Clarinet Choir. In addition, he performs as a clarinetist with the orchestras Slovenicum, Consortium musicum, the Slovene Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Slovene Police, and the Workers wind Band of Trbovlje, and also records for radio and television.

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Born in Carcaixent, Valencia (Spain), in 1961.

He has been the Clarinet Soloist of the National Orcherstra of Spain since 1985, and is a Soloist, Educator specialized in the teaching of the Clarinet. He is required to give Courses, as well as national and international Master Classes. He is also a professor of the “Joven Orquesta Nacional”, and member of Juries for National and International Competitions, Professional Orchestras, etc. Since 1.988 he performs as a Clarinet and Piano Duet with Aníbal Bañados, and is the founder and guest soloist with several chamber music groups.

  • Honorary Prize (Intermediate Course) and Honorary Mention (Final Course) in the Superior Conservatories of Valencia and Madrid.
  • 1982: Second Prize of ”Juventudes Musicales Españolas” (Soloists Woodwind)
  • 1985: Semifinalist of the International Clarinet Contest of Toulon (France)
  • 1988: First Prize of the International Clarinet Contest of Reims (France)
  • 1991: First Prize of the International Clarinet Contest “Ciudad de Dos Hermanas” (Spain)

At 19 years old he was Clarinet Soloist of the “Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid” (Rabos). He has also played as Clarinet Soloist with the following orchestras: “Clásica de Madrid”, “Andrés Segovia”, “Villa de Madrid”, “Filarmónica de Madrid”, “Reina Sofía”, etc. From 1982 to 1985 he was a member of the “Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Madrid”.

He has played in Recitals with Piano and with chamber music groups in Spain, France, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Rumania, England, Germany, etc.; and as Soloist with the Orchestras: “Nacional de España”, “Villa de Madrid”, “Nacional de Cámara de Toulouse”, of the French Community of Belgium, “Mercado de Chamartín”, “Orquesta Provincial de Santa Fe” (Argentina), “Sinfonierorchester Concierto München”, etc. He has also played with the Symphonic Bands: “Municipal de Madrid” and “Lira Carcaixentina”. Among his performances are the following highlights: the premiere in Europe of the “Fantasía Española, op. 17” for Clarinet and Orchestra of Julián Bautista with the National Orchestra of Spain, the world premiere of “Doble Concierto para Clarinete, Clarinete Bajo y Banda” of David Loeb, together with the Dutch Bass Clarinetist Henri Bok and the “Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Madrid”, etc. In January of the 2003 he has played and recorded in CD the “Fantasía Española, op. 17” of Julián Bautista in Munich (premiere in Germany) with the “Sinfonierorchester Concierto München”, with which he recorded a CD-Demo (not commercialized at present). In February of 2003 he played for the first time the “Concierto para Clarinete y Banda Sinfónica”, dedicated to him by the composer Juan Pérez Ribes, with the Symphonic Band “Lira Carcaixentina”.

He has recorded the following works: “La obra para Clarinete y Piano de Miguel Yuste” (first time ever recorded) with the pianist Aníbal Bañados, “Les ritournelles du Chat Abgral”, “Concertino para Clarinete y Orquesta” of Janos Komives (premiere and first time ever recorded), finals of the Composition Contest of Contemporary Music of SGAE (premieres and first time ever recorded, 1992 – 1995 – 1996 – 1997 – 1998 – 1999 – 2000), “Imagen sonora de un quinteto en Fa” for wind quintet of Rodrigo of Santiago in CD, “Música del siglo XX – Compositores Vascos – Quinta serie”, film soundtracks of “Todo sobre mi madre” directed by P. Almodóvar, “La lengua de las mariposas” directed by Cuerda, “A los que aman” directed by Coixet, etc. Also several recordings in “Radio Nacional” and “Televisión Española”. In 2003 he recorded a CD with 12 works for Clarinet and Piano by Julián Menéndez (10 of them are the first time ever recorded).

His professors in Spain have been: Francisco Vidal, Juan Vercher, José Taléns, Vicente Peñarrocha, Lucas Conejero, etc.; and abroad: Guy Deplus, Karl Leister, Michele Zukovsky, Anthony Gigliotti, David Campbell, Thomas Friedli, Hans Deinzer, etc. He has a wide clarinet repertoire that includes about 400 works. He plays also with Basset Clarinet for the “Concierto en La Mayor K622” of Mozart, Corno di Bassetto, Bass Clarinet and Clarinet Pícolo in Eb. He plays exclusively Buffet Crampon instruments.

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He was graduate of the Music Academy in Belgrade, 1975. in the professor Bruno Brun class. He gained the Master of art title M.A.degree, in the same class, in 1977. As a French government scholarship holder, he recived advanced training at the eminent professor Ulysse Dellecluse.


  • He won many first prizes at the former Yugoslavia competitions.
  • International contest finalist in Munich, 1973.
  • Special award from Bavarian Radio and Television in 1973.

As a solo and a chamber musician he played in all important musical centres in former Yugoslavia, as well as in France, Belgium ,Great Britain, The Netherlands , The Czech Republic ,Romania ,Russia  ,Slovakia ,Hungary ,Germany .

As a solo player he played with:

  • Belgrade ,Zagreb ,Macedonian ,Sarajevo , Vojvodina , Temisoara , and the Upper Czech Republic Philharmonic Orchestras.
  • The chamber Orchestra of Novi sad, “ Dušan Skovran” Chamber Orchestra ( over 50 concerts), Mostar Chamber Orchestra, St. George stringed instrument players orchestra
  • Stringed instrument quartets: Klima Quartet, Kodaly Quartet ,Moyses Quartet, Belgrade stringed instruments quartet, Serbian stringed Instruments quartet, Tartini Quartet, etc.

He performed at the Festivals:

  • Ohrid Summer
  • Bratislava Summer
  • Summer plays in Dubrovnik
  • Grich Evenings
  • Music festivals in Talin ( Estonia )
  • Janachek’s May ( Ostrava)
  • Kosice Festival

He is a full professor at the Art Academy in Novi Sad and the Art Academy in Banja Luka.

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Clarinettist, Zsolt SZATMÁRI was born in Miskolc (Hungary) on 24 June 1968 in a family of musicians. He began his first grade music education in Sátoraljaújhely (Hungary) learning violin and clarinet and continued his studies in Miskolc at the Béla Bartók Secondary School of Music. He got his university education in Budapest at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music as a student of Béla Kovács and received a diploma-with-distinction in 1991.

In 1986 at the János Richter National Woodwind Competition he received both the First Prize and the Special Prize of the Arts Fund, and thus got admitted to the Music Academy without needing to take an entrance exam. In 1988 at the Hungarian Radio National Woodwind Competition he got the special prize of the Copyright Office. In 1990 he won the International Clarinet Competition in Quebec (Canada). In 1991 as a college student he received the Yamaha scholarship.

In 1991 he started his professional music carrier as 1st clarinet on scholarship in the orchestra of the Hungarian National Opera House. From 1992 to 2000 he was clarinet leader of the Budapest Festival Orchestra. From 1993 he has been teaching at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music. From 1 September 2000 he is clarinet leader of the Hungarian National Philharmonic. In 2002 the orchestra honoured him the ‘Artist of the Year’ award. Since 2003 he has been playing solo clarinet of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a member of the Budapest Wind Ensemble he has been touring in most European countries and in the USA. He has regularly been invited to the Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra. He has given solo concerts in several European countries and at the Budapest Spring Festival. He is artistic leader of the New Harmony Wind Ensemble. He regularly appears in the radio broadcasts of the Hungarian Radio. As concert soloist he has appeared with the Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra, the Salieri Chamber Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of Miskolc, the Symphonic Orchestra of Szeged, the Pannon Philharmonic, the Danubia Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Budapest Festival Orchestra and the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra. He gave master courses in Dublin and Urbana (USA).

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